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Improve your smile in just 6 months!

Quirke Dental Surgeons is pleased to advise you of a nearly invisible, safe and affordable option to improve your smile. We are the first practice in South-East Ireland to be certified as providers of 6 Month Smiles®, cosmetic adult braces.

6 Month Smiles® is a modern and new variation on traditional orthodontic treatment. Many adults have aspects of their smiles with which they are unhappy. This may be because they have crooked, crowded or spaced teeth. Now we have a way of correcting these cosmetic issues without having to consider traditional orthodontics or veneers.


The 6 Month Smiles concept allows us to concentrate on the issues about your smile which are your primary complaint. These teeth can then be moved to a new position or orientation using clear braces and tooth coloured orthodontic wires, and all of this can happen in a period averaging 6 months.
The technique uses low forces to move the teeth in a relatively short period of time and has the additional benefit of being less expensive than traditional orthodontic treatment, aligner therapy such as Invisalign or veneers.
No longer is there a need for you to put up with your existing tooth arrangement and smile. You can have straight teeth using this short-term orthodontic solution.


Give us a call on 051 421453 to arrange a 6 Month Smiles® consultation with one of our experienced provider dentists. Our dentists are the longest providers of 6 Month Smiles orthodontics in the South-East area.

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Further information on this exciting new treatment can be obtained here or see some of our actual completed cases on our Facebook page. Just search for Leinster 6 month smiles.

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