Digital 3D scanning, milling, printing and production.

At Quirke Dental, we are anxious to stay abreast of developments in technology which will help improve treatment outcomes for our patients. We have invested heavily in a range of digital dental technology equipment which means the treatments we provide are incredibly accurate and well-fitting.

  • We produce a lot of our own crowns using our own CEREC acquisition scanner and our MCXL ceramic milling machine. This means a crown is produced in a single visit and is completed generally within 2 hours from start to finish.


  • The vast majority of our other work is constructed from 3D scans obtained using our Trios 3 intra-oral scanner. This allows us to design and produce models, retainers, whitening trays and nightguards within the Practice as well as send digital records required for other items such as implant crowns, bridges and dentures to the appropriate labs.
  • Our models, which are used for construction of whitening trays and retainers are printed within the Practice using our 3D printers using bio-compatible resins and protocols.
  • Whitening trays and retainers, as well as a number of other appliances, are produced within the Practice using our advanced digital Ministar S thermo-forming machine. This entire workflow ensures incredible accuracy in all of the finished items we produce.