If stains build up regularly on your teeth, possibly due to tea, coffee, smoking or red wine use, you will know how difficult they can be to remove and how dull and dark they can make your teeth appear.  Airflow can give you an instantly brighter, cleaner smile in under 30 minutes. Airflow is a cosmetic procedure, designed to remove tooth stains which are present on the surface of the tooth. Along with the more familiar scaling procedures, the Airflow treatment will significantly improve tooth brightness and give you a noticeably sparkling, fresh healthy mouth.

Use of our Airflow technology is a revolutionary cosmetic treatment to ensure the maintenance of a healthy radiant smile. The Airflow method uses a spray of air and Airflow powder along with a water jet, which together, quickly and effectively blasts off stains without discomfort and leaves the tooth surface highly polished.



This treatment is also recommended prior to our tooth whitening treatments to achieve the best whitening results.