Would you like a tooth replacement which feels and performs like your own teeth?

Quirke Dental Surgeons work with many local specialists to offer you great solutions for your missing tooth or teeth. We are pleased to have respected implant surgeon, Dr Breandan O Niadh attending regularly so that the entire service can be provided in New Ross.


Clinical Benefits

What are dental implants?

  • Dental implants can be used to replace a single lost tooth or many missing teeth.
  • They support crowns, bridges or dentures.
  • Dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone.
  • A dental implant is a small screw made of titanium which bonds with the jaw serving as a replacement for teeth.
  • Titanium is compatible with living tissues, allowing your body to naturally accept the implant.
  • Provides a stable foundation for replacement teeth.
  • Preserves the neighbouring teeth and bone structure.
  • Helps keep the bone healthy.
  • Implant borne dentures can be easily removed for cleaning and replaced with a simple, firm fit.
  • More beneficial than conventional removable dentures, which have little or no stimulation of the bone causing deterioration over time.


  • Dental implants are more affordable than ever before.
  • Cost of dental implants is dependent on the individual case.
  • We can discuss the question of cost and help you make financial arrangements.
  • There are financing options.
  • You can choose the method of payment that is best for you.
  • The restoration is sometimes covered at least partially by insurance, depending on your policy.
  • Our practice offers financing through a third-party company, a payment plan option, or a discount for full payment prior to treatment.
  • Cost covers     –     highly skilled professionals, highly customised treatment plan, valuable materials and technology.
  • Some patients require bone grafting, sleep sedation anaesthesia or healing procedures that can add to the cost of the treatment plan.
  • Dental implants are an investment that can help to improve your quality of life.



How will dental implants make the patient look and feel?

  • Dental implants can help to improve your overall quality of life.
  • Helps you to appear younger and healthier.
  • Helps you to feel more attractive.
  • Resolves the problems of pain and discomfort caused by removable dentures.
  • Shifting, slipping, and “chatter” are eliminated.
  • Allow you to speak naturally and feel like yourself.
  • Eat whatever you like.
  • You can bite and chew naturally.
  • You can enjoy your favourite foods again.
  • Helps to improve your eating habits.
  • Your ability to taste may improve.
  • You will have improved comfort, security, and confidence.
  • Provide a permanent solution for missing teeth.
  • Simply help you enjoy life to the full.


Function and stability of the denture and bone preservation?

  • Dental implants have over 90% success rates in long-term function.
  • Potential to last a lifetime with great homecare.
  • Stability is improved due to newer technology and materials for long-lasting results.
  • Titanium is a compatible material which naturally bonds with the jawbone.
  • Minimal chance of the body rejecting this method of treatment.
  • A healthy tooth root transfers biting forces to the bone and maintains its strength and position.
  • Dental implants are extremely strong, helping to eliminate slippage.
  • Help keep other teeth in position.
  • Helps to prevent bone loss.
  • Research shows that in many cases dental implants are stronger then natural teeth.

One additional and very important benefit can be the reduction or elimination of bone atrophy or shrinkage, commonly associated with loss of teeth.

Q & A

Will I be able to eat what I like afterwards?

Once completed, patients should be able to eat a normal, healthy diet with little or no difficulty.

What costs are involved in implant treatment?

The cost can vary, depending on the degree and extent of treatment needed. The full cost is therefore explained and subsequently confirmed in a written treatment plan.

How long will it all take?

A range of techniques is available. Usually implant treatment requires a number of appointments over a period of several months. In some cases, implant work can be undertaken and completed in a much shorter period.

How long will the implants last?

Once treatment is completed, a routine of careful dental hygiene and regular check-ups should ensure that implants last for many years.

Am I too old for implant treatment?

There is no upper age limit for patients to undergo implant treatment, provided they continue to enjoy reasonable good health.

Is the treatment painful?

Patients are often surprised at how little discomfort they experience during and after implant procedures.


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