Headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain, as well as many other facial and jaw problems can often be traced back to the jaw joint. This means that your dentist rather than your doctor may well be the best person to help ease them. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, it is worth speaking to us about it. We will examine your jaw, and the way in which your teeth meet together; if there are any problems we will advise you on the best way to overcome them.

If you wake up feeling tired, uncomfortable or with chronic headaches its time to try the NTI-tss® Tension Suppression System, which is the only FDA approved dental appliance for preventing migraine and headache pain and reduces clenching intensity by 66%. The NTI-tss® device is small, practically invisible and also removable and you wear it while you sleep. It’s custom made and prevents high intensity contact which prevents high intensity clenching. No injections, medications and no side effects and can be fabricated in just one visit!

Everyone clenches their jaws in their sleep at one stage or another, but when we do this our jaw muscles clench 14 times more intensely than normal. This causes migraine pain, chronic headaches and TMJ pain as the force generated causes pain in the surrounding tissues, joints and muscles! The NTI-tss® device suppreses the clenching reflex by preventing the posterior teeth from contacting each other there by eliminating teeth grinding altogether. The temporalis muscles are kept from contracing with their usual intensity so the clenching reflex is suppressed and almost eliminated.

Tried and Tested

The NTI_tss® device has been used successfully for thousands of patients. Clinical trials have proven that 82% of migraine sufferers had a 77% average reduction of migraines. It has received marketing allowance from the FDA and complies with all the requirements as an approved dental device.