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Has HSE and DOHC mislead Magdalene Women?

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Dr Maurice Quirke and some colleagues have recently publicly pointed out that the HSE has mislead Magdalene women when they were promised a ‘comprehensive’ scheme to cover their treatment needs.

Turns out that they are being offered the same as other Medical Card holders, ie annual examination, 2 fillings per annum and extractions as required as well as prescriptions as necessary. Hardly the stuff one would think of when considering a comprehensive health scheme for a group of women who have been severely wronged by the State in the not-so-distant past.

Contrast this with the arrangements put in place for the Hepatitis C victims, a scheme under which patients can receive any and all treatments required to render them dentally fit. And this is what the Magdalene women were told they would get also.

Now, the HSE is busy obfuscating and creating confusion in the minds of the media and the victims who are not familiar with what the terms of the State schemes actually deliver.

Incidentally, the Magdalene women’s representatives are outraged at what has happened now that the realities have been explained to them by Dr Quirke et al.

We feel that there will be lots more about this over the coming weeks and months.

Hidden sugars in ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ diet

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Irish Dental Association highlights dangers of hidden sugars in ‘healthy lifestyle’ diet

(17 Apr 2015)

Friday 17th April 2015. The new President of the Irish Dental Association has warned consumers to be aware of the hidden sugars which they may be consuming as part of a new healthy lifestyle.


Dr Anne Twomey said many patients who are participating in sports are presenting with significant tooth decay and erosion in their teeth.


Dr Twomey said that while most sports engaging in sports or activities understood the importance of hydration and a healthy diet many were not aware that a lot of the sports drinks and protein shakes which they consume have a very high sugar content.


Addressing over 400 delegates at the IDA’s annual conference in Cork, she said the IDA would be making contact with the Irish Sports Council and its member bodies such as the FAI, GAA, and IRFU to see how we can work together on this issue.

Dr Twomey said people who are constantly taking little sips of sports drinks from a bottle are effectively bathing their teeth in sugar and giving their mouths no time to recover.

“Clearly there are many benefits to adopting healthy lifestyles. However consumers have to be clear about what they and their children are consuming. Sports drinks, protein shakes,energy drinks, energy bars and fruit juices can contain anything from five to a dozen teaspoons of sugar. “

“We’ve even come across one drink which contained 14 teaspoons of sugar. Protein/meal replacement bars can be very damaging due to the sticky nature of the honey or syrup which is often included. Dried fruit also has a very high concentration of sugar also.

“Tooth decay is always caused by sugar. Often my patients are unaware they are consuming sugar as they are labelled with other words. There are in fact 57 different words used instead of sugar such as sucrose, lactose, glucose, fructose etc etc” she said.

Dr Twomey pointed to the findings of a survey of athletes at the London Olympics in 2012 by a team from University College London which found that athletes as a group had worse dental health than other people of a similar age.

Of the 302 athletes examined, from 25 sports, 55% had evidence of cavities, 45% had tooth erosion and 76% had gum disease.

One in three said their oral health affected their quality of life and one in five said it affected training or athletic performance.

Dr Twomey said it was ironic that such a large percentage of young athletes who were otherwise in fantastic physical shape, had really poor oral health and didn’t seem aware of the resulting negative impact on their well being and performance.

“Our advice is clear. Avoid sports drinks on a regular basis. If taking protein shakes or bars study the ingredients carefully and opt for those not containing sugar. Plain water is the ultimate thirst quencher while milk has also been found to be a very effective post workout drink.”

“For endurance sports if sugary fluid replacement is necessary try to drink through a straw. Brushing twice a day, using a mouthwash and going for regular dental check-ups might not transform you into an Olympian, but they will ensure you have good oral health” Dr Twomey concluded.

Exceptional patient satisfaction levels

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We are delighted to report that over 97.5% of patients have reported that their experience with us has been ‘excellent’ or ‘above average’ with many patients coming back to us with extremely complimentary comments. We will continue to strive to maintain, or even increase, these spectacular patient satisfaction results into the future.

But how do we know this? And can we prove it?

Well, yes we can and here’s how.

If you have been a regular patient with us at Quirke Dental Surgeons, you will know that we use a lot of high-tech equipment and methods to ensure we provide you with a high quality service.

What you may not know is the fact that we have been a test site since 2006 for the development of a software package called Exact which is developed by Software of Excellence. Exact is now the most widely used dental software in dental practices throughout Ireland. We have been instrumental in bringing some of the ideas and features of this software to fruition and ensuring that they have the appropriate functionality for general release. In other words, many other dentists have benefited from the work we have carried out.

One of the latest developments which we have been involved in testing is a feature enabling us to follow up appointments with an sms-based survey asking patients how we did during their most recent appointment and being able to collect the responses within the software thus enabling us to generate a printed report. This is the first time that such a statistically significant survey of after-treatment patient feelings has been conducted in dentistry in Ireland. And this is how we are able to prove the 97.5% plus patient rating of ‘excellent’ or ‘above average’ treatment provided by us.

So if you, or a friend or family member, is looking for a dentist in Wexford, Waterford, Carlow or Kilkenny, and you are looking for a dentist who can PROVE a patient satisfaction level of better than 97%, why not give us a call on 051 421453?