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Gum Disease and the risks you take

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Gum (periodontal) disease may not sound very scary, but the truth is that it has a huge impact on the health of your body. Many disease and health conditions are associated with gum disease, with a direct correlation between the severity of the gum disease and the systemic health condition.


Here are a few examples:

As plaque levels increase, so do blood sugar levels. Blood sugar thrives on bacteria, and when there’s an ample supply of it below your gumlines, your sugar levels are bound to be out of control. Many diabetics experience severe gum disease that leads to tooth loss, because they don’t take action until it is too late.

shutterstock_114288850Heart Attack, Stroke, and High Blood Pressure
Cardiovascular diseases are more likely to occur when bacterial buildup collects within the blood vessels. Oral plaque biofilm has been found within the vascular walls of heart attack and stroke victims. The open infection in the bottom of periodontal pockets allows plaque to travel straight from the mouth into the bloodstream.

Premature Labor and Low Birth Weight Infantsshutterstock_210120679
Pregnant women with swollen, bleeding gums are more likely to go into labor much sooner than is normal. Their babies are also more likely to weigh much less than those born to healthier mothers. The oral bacteria can travel through the placenta and umbilical cord to the unborn baby. Eliminating gum disease benefits both mother and child.

Other conditions that are directly linked with periodontal disease include:

• Erectile Dysfunction
• Infertility
• Obesity
• Sleep Apnoea

Taking control of your oral health is a great way to boost your immune system. As you see inflammation and infection within your mouth decrease, you’re more likely to see an improvement in your health as well. Come by our Practice today and book yourself in for a dental health check.

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