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5 foods to maintain healthy teeth and gums

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For a smile that will last a lifetime, check out this list of foods that will help strengthen your teeth:

  • Fruits: Enjoy a grapefruit and help out your gums, or drink a glass of cranberry juice to kill oral bacteria, but watch out for unnecessary added sugar! Go all-natural whenever possible.
  • Dairy: Packed full of vitamin D and calcium, milk and cheese are both great sources of nutrients to strengthen your teeth—from the enamel straight down to the roots.
  • Proteins: Feast on meat, beans or eggs—all great sources of phosphorous—and improve the strength of your jawbone.
  • Grains: Choose whole cereal grains like corn, rice and wheat to enjoy a stronger set of teeth, but just like sugary juices, avoid processed grain-based foods that will coat your teeth in sugar.
  • Sesame Seeds: Surprisingly, sesame seeds—along with broccoli—act as natural toothbrushes, scrubbing your teeth clean and keeping your smile bright!

Laser dentistry in Wexford

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Quirke Dental Surgeons has regularly introduced advanced technology to make treatment outcomes better for our patients and a dental laser is one of our most recent acquisitions.

Lasers can be used in a variety of ways in modern dentistry. A laser dentist can use this technology to manipulate soft tissues or eliminate oral bacteria at a treatment site and subsequently sterilize that site. Therefore, lasers are quite versatile in dental treatments.

Lasers can also be used in lieu of scalpels to perform certain gum treatment procedures, such as crown lengthening to remove excess gum tissue that creates the appearance of a “gummy” smile. Lasers can remove diseased gum tissue or eliminate periodontal pockets, as well.

Patients who work with a laser dentist enjoy more comfort throughout the procedure, and they may not need anything stronger than a local anesthetic to tolerate treatments. Some patients may not even need that much. The laser is typically used in conjunction with a gentle spray of water.

Laser dentistry offers a number of other benefits to patients. Lasers tend to allow for more conservative dental treatments that target only the diseased tissue for removal. Therefore, patients who take advantage of laser dentistry may be able to retain more of their healthy tissue.

Furthermore, lasers can give patients the opportunity to avoid invasive interventions and reduce the amount of time spent recovering from procedures. Patients who choose laser dentistry may also have reduced bleeding and swelling since there is less insult to the tissue.

Laser dentistry can improve many patients’ experiences in the dental chair. At your next appointment at our Practice, talk to one of our dentists to learn how this technique may benefit you and if it is appropriate to meet your oral health needs.