I’m too nervous to get my teeth fixed

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Many people have an extreme fear of dentists. Because of this phobia, they put off important and necessary dental work for years. That has the obvious effect of requiring even more work to correct the years of neglect. For many patients, they’d almost rather lose their teeth than have to face numerous dental visits and their health and appearance suffers as a result. Fortunately, our sedation dentist, Dr. Ursula Quirke, understands those concerns and suggests a IV sedation dentistry appointment may be the solution allowing her and the patient to do as much work as possible in one day.
Sedation Dentistry
With IV sedation dentistry, the patient is gradually put into a state of drowsiness. The patient will remain conscious during the procedures, which is important because the dentist may need to communicate with the patient at some point. However, the patient will not be able to feel any of the work being done to him or her. To the contrary, the patient will spend the time in a happy, relaxed state, where his or her anxieties will not be able to be overwhelming. It is safe for the patient to remain in this state for some time, which allows the dentist to perform as much work as possible during that visit. Most patients have very few memories of what has occurred afterwards.
What Can Be Done?
While the patient is under IV sedation, numerous procedures can be accomplished at once. Extensive dental surgery can be accomplished, as can numerous cosmetic and corrective procedures. While some patients may not be able to have all their work completed in one visit, most sedation patients are able to get far more accomplished in one day than they would be able to if they were conscious. In addition, many patients of sedation dentistry report far less post-treatment discomfort.
After the Procedure
Once the procedure is done, the patient will need to refrain from driving or operating heavy machinery for at least 24 hours. They will need to be supervised by a responsible adult until fully recovered. Recovery time from the dental work itself will vary from patient to patient. Before the procedure, the dentist will outline exactly what the patient should expect during the recovery.

If you are someone who is so nervous or anxious that you have allowed your dental health and appearance to deteriorate, please call us on 051 421453 and we will be pleased to arrange an initial sedation consultation with Dr. Ursula Quirke for you.

We have helped many patients overcome their fear using this procedure and you could soon be one of those who have solved this problem too.

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